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  • Do you need advice, clear up, find a right answer?
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  • Do you have health issues?

These and similar problems we deal with alternative methods. We help you figure out daily life problems, problems in relationships, with children, job, finance, business and with health.


We offer bioenergetics help – healers, astrologer and masseuse. You wil get complex care in all aspects – human body, soul and spirit, which gets you back to balance.

Everything with an emphasis on self-knowledge, personal development and spiritual growth within the meaning of self-improvement.


The power of the human mind is enormous 


Many of us have heard, that the possibilities of the human brain are huge, but unfortunately only few of us are able to use it.

Approximately one hundred years ago scientists discovered the rhythms of the brain with encephalograph..

The fact is, that in the morning when we wake up and in the evening when we fall asleep, this is a time when our brain works in the alpha rhythm, and this is the most productive work rhythm of the human brain when we manage our life.

Where goes thought  – there goes energy


When someone is concerned about  their adult children or friends, so actually that person is feeding the others with his/her own energy and help them to carry “bit strange cross – problems.” In fact, this person does not give to others the right to choose their own life journey.

Have you ever been angry to someone? How to positively deal with anger. 

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Each of us repeatedly throughout life  gets into a situations when we are angry to someone. Everyone is trying to deal with this feeling on his/her own, but not always, or only rarely that we can do it well without consequences.

The World After Quantum Transition – important discovery has significant influence on our mind, bioenergy, health and life in general

Theme  of the year 2014 – the world after the quantum transition. Everyone still remembers expectations in 2012, fear of unknown, catastrophes. The change realized, but not in the way and place, as we expected. Quantum transition came true, the particles from one energy level moved to a different energy level, so be aware that we are on another planet, and therefore all laws begin to operate another way. Our laws – that is the world of the past….

Secret of mind 

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People are used to perceive everything  superficially, and now it is difficult to change their perception. Moreover people do not have idea, that in their minds are hidden undreamed possibilities which nothing else can offer

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We’ll help you with your goal

We can help you with any problem.

Our motto is phrase each problem has a solution, that is why you can ask us for help or advice with any problem and together we can always find a right way out.

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We always help to find a solution and relieve your misery with your health problems in terms bioenergetic help, astrology advice, massages, advice for your lifestyle, diet, finding way out from difficult situations, finding the right direction. Even prevent imminent danger.

Help to harmonize human spirit, soul and body

In 1905 Albert Einstein declared that „all matter is energy“ and since that time world never has been like before. Now we know that all is energy and all energy has three common elements: frequency, wavelength and color spectrum.

Many genius scientists confirmed the idea many years ago, that roots of health and illness is always body – physical energy.