> From all my heart I want to thank to Tatyana Ivanovna, who literally saved my health periodically. Our doctors do not cure, but only cripple our health and our lives as a consequence. While there are real doctors, such as Tatyana. I bow to you. Peace with you, strong health and prosperity in life.

With respekt Anna D.

I am so happy, I have met such a wonderful person as Tanya! She has such a strong and healing energy, that takes your breath away. Tanya has helped me a lot and helps me and my entire family  in terms of health and other questions. When I’m with her I feel so calm and well as I would get into meditation or I am in another dimension. I love her very much and respect, I would say that Tanya is for me as an guardian angel, she is a very strong healer, even when she works with me at a distance, I feel it very strongly. Many times there were such a situations when I had to go to the hospital but at first I asked Tanya and everything what she said to me and then what said doctors  in the hospital, everything matched. Here is another example of my mother on the ultrasound they said that in her gall bladder are three stones. My mom had sometimes such a strong pain and we had to call an emergency, and then we ask Tanya for help. She worked with my mom and year later my mom went to the ultrasound and it showed nothing – the stones were gone and lot of doctors, they were in shock. And similar examples are many. I really wish, that would be a lot more people around the world like Tanya  and then we all would all be healthy.I am grateful to God for that, I know person like Tanya!

Thank you Julia

Tatyana from Kiev posted on January 19, 2016 at 9:42 pm:

I want to say thank you for their help repeatedly throughout our family of Tatiana and Vladimir !!! The big plus for us is help at a distance. Personally, they returned me from “the other world.” It was very bad, almost a week I had a fever 40 degrees Celsia, and no one doctor could diagnose me. And then as a miracle we appealed to her on the phone. They right away told me, that somebody has done something to me for my death……. Within only few hours after their help my temperature decreased, and I felt better. And so that was our acquaintance. After that, they as “guardian angels” of our family. When children are sick, we are now appealing directly to them and get answers to questions such as: the status of all bodies, the selection of medicines and food products that fit to a certain person. I can only say one thing, I am grateful to God, and fate that got me together with these people. They are as good wizards, always ready to help. And the result comes soon. Just one phone call and all problems are solved!

The first time I have met Tatiana and Vladimir, I was kind of uncomfortable. How people may know as much about you as a person and about your health. But when I knew them better, I ,realized,  that they are normal people, but with very interesting abilities. They have saved me many times. Only thank them, it is not enough. I would like to build monument during their life. The way of gratitude, words can not convey. God help them. After their session  I want to jump and live fully. This must feel everybody as an own experience. it’s true, I’m writing this,as an normal man who believed and received a miracle. It really works. P.S. I have even seen them helping the others. Honestly. Vladimir B

This way I want to thank to Tatyana and her husband for help  in solving health and personal

problems and for their attitude and humanity. Their special talents which were given them by God,helping people to heal and do not to lose hope in a better future.

With respect Vera T.

Tanya and her husband are unique people with a big heart and supernal abilities. God has endowed them indeed. I am grateful  for everything to them in my life. I do not know no other people like Tatyana and Vladimir. Admirable, words of thanks are not enough. Words can not express that, you can just feel it in your heart!!!  Thank you Tanya and Vladimir, I love you. Thanks to God, Tatyana and Vladimir. Monika


For a great deep tissue massage I found Monika very strong and she focused on all the needed area’s .
I found myself so relaxed after every session and always was looking forward to the next one, keep up the great work …your missed in Vancouver.

Geoff Hartmann
Sysco Vancouver

“I had the pleasure of having Monika  provide me with massage therapy for over a year, and she was far and away the best massage therapist I have ever had.

She has an amazing ability to determine where your pain is originating, and work through the muscles until the pain has subsided. My job was stressful, so I often came

to see her feeling tense with a sore neck and back pain. By the time she was done, I felt relaxed, refreshed, and the pain was gone. In the past I had other massage therapists

help me, some of them were quite good. But none could compare with Monika. She is the best, and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of massage therapy.”

John Gracey, Vancouver BC


Monica is the best masseuse ever. I go for massages every month at various places and Monica is a significantly superior masseuse in my experience. Monica found and worked on all my ‘problem areas’ without being told. she spent time and care on all my tighter areas and i felt like brand new after.
Monica is a wonder, i highly recommend .

Jonathan Samuels

I had my 1 hour massage with Monika. Let’s just say she was amazing! I could’ve swore she was an RMT but she isn’t. . But you’d never know.  Nice relaxing music. Highly recommend!

Susan A.


To. Monica, I want to thank for the wonderful attitude to the people, for the way how she help to solve the problems, as a health and work. I recommend to ask her for help in all areas with which you need advice, she will always have instructions for you on how to continue and what way to go. With respect Vera T. 

I want to thank to Monika for her exact horoscope. All informations implemented at predicted tíme and with her advices in 2016 I could avoid of hard situations. I ask her often with disputed problems. She has got not only knowledges, she has senzitive soul. Tatyana.