About massage

Touch is the fifth sense. Touch we often underestimate and skin is the main and largest organ of touch. Two square centimeters of skin contains more than 3 million cells. Massage for many centuries brings benefits to people, strengthens health, raising living tone, strengthens muscles and makes the skin soft and elastic. Prolongs youth, adds flourishing appearance and guarantees a positive mood and an overall good feeling.

In fact, massage is one of the means of recovering health, along with sport and physical activity and healthy eating.

Masážní kameny

Massage is a body-oriented psychotherapy. Massage as a method of treatment and prevention of various diseases is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps keep the body and spirit in top form. Positively affects many diseases, especially affects and heals well conditions as stress and discomfort feelings. Massage gets you quickly from stress and helps you avoid of diseases associated with permanent nervous tension, eliminating the pain of sensitive points, relaxes stiff muscles, reduces restlessness, releases blockages energy flow, strengthens the immune system, restores a sense of well feeling. Massage exceptionally positively affects on physical condition of the person, has psychotherapeutic effect, a positive effect on the emotional state helps to relaxation and rest.

Massage effects on mental and emotional condition of a human organism

Dynamic lifestyle and environmental influences have a negative effect on our bodies, often causes stress, chronic fatigue condition and depressive moods, which naturally reflects us negatively.
One of the ways how to influence the mental and emotional condition, is massage,because the touch stimulates nerve endings and thus harmonizes emotional condition.

The need of touch is instinctive, appears already in the embryo phase, and does not disappear after an entire human lifetime. Babies enjoy physical contact with their parents, because touches give them feeling of care and safety. Therefore, during the massage we feel calmed.
Massage relaxes not only the muscles, but also mental sphere, relieves fatigue and restores power. Massage is also prevention and treatment of physical and psychological problems. For people intellectually working is helpful head massage. 15 minutes is enough. In this method of massage improves brain activity due to the inflow of blood to the head, makes clear thinking, irritability disappears and feel the lightness throughout the body.

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