The power of the human mind is enormous


Many of us have heard, that the possibilities of the human brain are huge, but unfortunately only few of us are able to use it.

Approximately one hundred years ago scientists discovered the rhythms of the brain with encephalograph..

The fact is, that in the morning when we wake up and in the evening when we fall asleep, this is a time when our brain works in the alpha rhythm, and this is the most productive work rhythm of the human brain when we manage our life.

If our thoughts are focused on the negative, thanks to the law of thinking, we get that negative in our life and even more.

We all get in life what we think most often about.

Our thoughts, mental images appearing in our consciousness, according to the law of thinking, are realized in our lives!

The law of thinking proclaims – the mind is material

This law forms the base of our life. And ignorance of this law does not deprive us of all the unhappiness and misery that are happening due to various “spooks” and then we create negative thoughts and mental images – images that realize in our reality, in our life.

At many people, thoughts form from what they saw. And what do we see? There crashed plane,  here was somebody killed, else was the fire….

What kind of thoughts may form after seeing or hearing something like that? The only negative! But negative thoughts creates fears and again negative thoughts which realize in our reality.

Somebody goes on the bus and thinking: ” Around is the only flock of rams  and the boss is sheep“.. Behind him is standing his angel protector with notebook and pen and writing down, “Around is the only flock of rams and the boss is sheep. He is writing and  thinking. “Basically, all that was already here. So why he wals this again? Well, once this is his wish, that must come true. “

People always get what they think!

Sometimes we even do not realize that your life is unique, unrepeatable we create by ourselfes. The process of creation consists of the mind, words and acts. People do not realize that our thoughts create our destiny!

Even in the 18th century Prentice Mulford said…

Your every though, this is a material thing – and mainly- the power:

The power of the human mind is enormous, but unfortunately many of us do not appreciate that.

If people knew, how powerfull are their thoughts, they would think only positively!

But unfortunately not many people try to use their thoughts, feelings and emotions to create their reality and do not destroy their life.

We do not have to convince anybody, that the negative thoughts and bad mood have a destructive effect on our health and life.

The other question is, how to get rid of them? How to quit the constant interference of thoughts in our heads?

Unfortunately, get rid of these thoughts is hard enough.

We can not stop our thoughts, therefore we can not stop think at all.. But we can not think and have in our mind two thoughts at the same time. And that means, if we have to change our gloomy negative thoughts, which have on our lives a destructive effect, to bright and positive thoughts, that will change our reality. It is important for us to switch our negative thoughts to something positive.

Techniques how to switch is a lot. For example, during the day, we can simply observe the nature, enjoy the sunset or watch the waves or the other nature beauties.

And what to do in the evening, when we shut the light off, how to switch the thoughts?

Basically, it is simple, instead of constant projecting in the head all the negative events in a day efore bedtime, or counting sheeps, start counting gratitudes! That means, learn before bedtime to thank to the Universe and the Creator or God (whatever you like) . The power of gratitude is also enormous!

The most important thing is, that gratitude immediately switch our brain from negative to positive, and that activates the work of the alpha rhythm.

And once if we switch our thoughts on the positives, according to the law of thinking, positive thoughts already begins to realize into the life and we get what we think about, what we dream in our life appears more joyful and good events!

This is the most natural and easy way to maximize the power of our brain to make better our life. This is the way, how is activating work of alpha and theta rhythms!

Positive effect on the human alpha rhythm

 improves blood circulation in the brain at least 70%.  Helps improve memory.

 Boosts the healing process in the body. In our body begins to operate the self-healing mechanisms, which has a positive influence on our health.

 Our brain begins to produce joy hormones, that eliminate pain and stress.

 Appears the ability to think creatively and generate new ideas.

 Appears passion and intuition.

 Increases the ability to receive a large volume of information, that means the ability to learn.

 That leads to releasing of creative potential, awakens talents and desire to create.

 In addition, especially in that condition when  alpha rhythm is active, were developed greatest discoveries and found the most successful ideas in the science and in other fields of human activity

Alpha rhythm stimulates the activity of the theta rhythm which has an even greater positive effect on the human body. Theta rhythm is most manifested in joy. Therefore, good humor and laughter prolong life and play a decisive role in fighting any disease

Alpha and theta rhythms dominate mostly in childhood.

And at adult people the brain produces more beta rhythms and at some of us in general dominates delta rhythm.

Beta rhythm – it is condition of full consciousness activity. In condition of beta, the consciousness is focused on the external world and registers what is happening around. Our eyes are loiterally open. In this condition, we are working and thinking.

If the beta rhythm multiplied, people are in condition of unrest, worries and then in stress. We can hardly concentrate, our hearts work with big effort and breathing is accelerated. If the activity of beta rhythm increases even more, our intellect becoming overloaded and we are loosing the ability to think and make decisions. This can lead to condition of panic. And in this condition, the brain works with a colossal overloading.

If the frequency is higher and higher, beta rhythms, causes more damage to our health. We all know well, that stress and more condition of panic, has a destructive influence on our health.

Delta rhythm is characteristic for deep sleep or unconscious condition.

Contact with the outside world is practically interrupted and each of us was certainly found in this condition – we can make sure of that by observing the sleeping person, which is sleeping like a dead.” Delta rhythm through the day at a healthy person, has minimal activity.

And from all what was written here, ensues, that alpha and theta rhythms – this is the most healthy and creative brain condition.

We can not chase our life over one night, but we can change our thoughts, that turn our life  in

So now you can do it too! Just learn to switch negative thoughts to positive, and you will see results soon!

How to use in life   

In fact, it is not so difficult to get used, to control our thoughts and switch to the positives. For it is necessary to create helpers. What to do in the morning or during the day, you know, and in the evening it is possible to make a bank of gratitude. For making use phosphorescent paint or any other that glows in the darkness and write down on the paper I am thankful and for what I can feel gratitude. Colors can be also used for decoration around.

When you shuting off the light at night and lying down to the bed, the, glowing composition attracting your attention and reminding, do not forget to thank to the God.. In this way thoughts switche to positive, and you fall asleep with positive thoughts and waking up in a good mood.

It has an amazing and very powerful effect !!!!!

It is suitable to take to the bed paper or notebook and pen. Because the thoughts, that come into your head in this conditon, can help to you find simple answers to your problems. They will not be repeated and in the morning you can not remember them.. That is why you should write them down right away.

Based on testing, it was found that at many adults, is high activity of beta and delta rhythms during the day.

Many people are either in stress or are unable to consciously také in reality.

They complain, that they have lost the ability to enjoy life and they have a lot of problems with health.

During testing we can observe and monitor how the rhythms of the brain are changing, when you practice gratitude technology.

Where goes thought  – there goes energy


When someone is concerned about  their adult children or friends, so actually that person is feeding the others with his/her own energy and help them to carry “bit strange cross – problems.” In fact, this person does not give to others the right to choose their own life journey. In this case, even the most positive thought will not bring too many benefits to those, who we feed with our thoughts. Any thought – is energy. And we feed with the thoughts. Where is the center of our attention – there flows the energy. Meddling in the life journey of others even with our good thoughts – it’s not always a good thing.

Parental positive thoughts about children that are expressed in specific thought forms, sometimes strongly blocks to children their lifejourney. The phrase filled with energy – eg. “I know what is the best for you – so and so …” That is already influencing the thoughts which are blocking the development of other situation. If you put positive energy into good wishes, there is no need to insert specific thoughts, what would be a good effect.

In the positive or negative thoughts, there is one important emotional component – and this is energy. How strong is the emotion – energy,  events with + or – energy are stronger and quicker formed in biofield of person. If we put more energy – emotion  into thinking – then the thinking process changes more the plan of being, changing the space around the person to whom we think. It is already meddling in his/her personal space.

At negative thoughts

For example -one person thought about the other in a bad way. If the object of his thinking had the same ( negative) thoughts, then the situation is reflected in the energy field – biofield. If you think of another person who is not synchronous with the frequency of these negative thoughts, does not matter how powerful  is the  negative thought – that can not change the biofield energy of the other person! Because the vibrational field of the other person is higher, so the vibrations of your thoughts on a low level sent to person with higher vibrational field do not get to bioenergy field and does not change the biofield. But this thought on low level very strongly – like a boomerang – changing bio – energy field of the person who sent it.  Who sent the thought to ten times the strength, got hit back a twenty or even thirty times stronger . Everything depends on the emotional content sent thought.

When a person is sending negative thought, he/she is giving energy to the other person

The first option – for example, two women judged the third one. Whatever they tell about her, any dirt throws on her, the third woman is blooming and doing well. That energy they sent is just an energy. Third person receives energy for his/her own things! But to form this sent energy, it is necessary to have certain properties. It is necessary to have a high energetic potential – energy. People with high levels of energy potential usually do not think in a bad way about others.

The second option – two people on a low energy level are sending negative energy to each other. Both received a gap in their biofields. Their fields are flying to  and fro and getting leaky.

The third option – if the person with high vibrational energy level let to pull down him/herself and send to someone with low energy vibrations negative thought, there works the cause and effect. In this situation, person with high vibrational energy level gets a strong retribution, where is specifically shown what he/she did, why that thought was unconscious and energetically dangerous. This situation is the hardest!

At positive thoughts

When it is not unconditional love, the person also shares own energy, regardless of the common level with another person. But the energy structure does not expand. The same composition of biofield, but the biofields work on the edge. Only energetic potential can be supplemented, but this does not cause much damage.

When a person sends unconditional love in relation to another person, then there are completely absent any thoughts and was present only unconditional love and status. At bioenergy level, it looks like this: this energy is fully accumulated in the biofield of a person whom is sent and immediately appear as an energy potential. For a person who sends unconditional love, his/her energy and bio energy does not diminish, but increases several times at the moment of sending love.

So we are not only transforming love, but we have started to create from ourselfs!

Conditional love of high energy level (positive) person in relationship to the other, who has a low energy level (negative), is no longer considered as an attack into the biofield. It is seen as burning ears, face or the whole face. And it should be taken into consideration for those, who is trying to increase their effectiveness in a positive way. Within interaction with other people, be careful and attentive to their condition. Unprepared energy structure (people) heavily perceive this Love.

If has came any thought about a person, do not think about that person, but focus on, why has came this thought. Learn to filter, learn to dwell in the mental tranquility. It is work as well!

Through prayer, by calling your higher Self, with love and gratitude and forgiveness for expansion. In this way, forgiveness returns energy which balances relations at bioenergy level. Forgive, when forgiveness is asked.

Nothing happens just for nothing

All we create – we reproduce ourselves in our lives for ourselves. We give to child unconditional love in all extent. To beloved man, beloved woman we also give freedom and love, which we can give without any conditions. That’s the best thing we can give and receive. What kind of relationships we create – such relationships we receive.

How a woman transmit her energy to the members of her family? When she thinks of them. When woman thinks of  man, she gives him her energy. When a woman thinks of some event, she puts energy into that, so that event can realize.

When you are watching television, where the energy goes? You think of some movie star, how is beautiful, interesting – and that star gets from you incredible life force charge. Secret of stars success consist s in the fact that thousands of people love them. They keep on their personal power and all on account of the fact that every day they feed themselves with the thoughts of those thousands and thousands of people across the planet who love them.

And where goes your energy when you think negatively of another person? For example, you think of how bad and nasty is your neighbor. And she – you see – again bought something new or she walks and she is happy and she smiles. Because you constantly, day by day gives to her your precious life energy.

Have you ever been angry to someone? How to positively deal with anger.

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Each of us repeatedly throughout life  gets into a situations when we are angry to someone. Everyone is trying to deal with this feeling on his/her own, but not always, or only rarely that we can do it well without consequences. Either we vent anger on someone, which can cause damage around us, or we keep anger inside us, suppress it – we want to be “nice” and do not hurt the other –  but in this case, we hurt ourselves, because sooner or later, this anger -this poison inside our body – will spread all over and cause various health problems, despite stomach ulcers, gallbladder problems, high blood pressure, or in the worst case, result in cancer.

What is anger …. Anger is the opposite of fear. It is masking of fear. So why do people get angry? Because they are afraid, they are afraid of you and they get angry to hide the fear, which they have of you. Conversely, they are trying to scare you, because you do not have to see, that they are afraid of you. It is the same for you – if you are angry, you are afraid of this person and you are trying to hide your fear behind a feeling of anger and do not show your weakness. So when anyone gets upset, they are trying to scare each other.

 So how to deal with anger? What to do when we get angry?

You do not have to suppress anything and you will not be congested with this poison that will destroy you or people around you. Start simply observe – Do not postpone anything, act as soon as possible hen you feel anger,observe anger, perceive and observe consciously – try to understand where the anger comes from, where it has its roots, how it was created, how it manifests, which has power over you. Who of us are thinking when we are angry? Mindfulness is the key.

“When you feel anger, perceive it consciously and you find out, that a miracle will happen.” ~ Osho

If you start to practice this, you will be very surprised and you will understand, you will find out, that your anger dissolved, disappeared. Anger have changed into the sheer energy which become a compassion, forgiveness, love. So, it is not necessary to suffer –  you or object of your anger or people around you. With understanding the anger disappear.

You should remember, that you should observe without prejudices, without any assumptions, expectations or evaluation, be really honest to yourself. Once you reveal anger, its sharp poison its heat, you free yourself. Anger will disappear.

“It is very important, that everyone who honestly seeks the truth, should remember that we should not run away from our thing, but we should cognize them.” ~ Osho
“People are trying to deceive themselves with anger.” ~ Osho

What if we fail to observe anger – how to handle it any other way

 Not always we can manage observing anger. In this case we have to feel this negative emotions, otherwise they will be suppressed and can explode at any time. Therefore it is better to get rid of them. But get rid of them, does not mean  only to observe them. Feel every emotion. First let the emotions pass, go through it. It will not be easy, but the reward is huge. If you went through that, if you suffered and accepted consciously, without any suppression, you will be surprised, negative emotions begin to disappear. Power of these emotions will be reduced and disappear, then can come a time when you will be able to observe. But do not forget the important thing – do not vent negative emotions in public, vent them in your own privacy. Public ventilation spoils everything. If you feel anger to someone and you are starting to vent it, the other person is not Buddha, he/she will not be sleeping and silent. This person is not a marble sculpture – will do something as well. You will vent your anger, the other person also. This creates more anger and anger or violence from the other side comes up with double force. Then you will want to deepen your anger – be more angry. So if you’re angry, go to your room where you will be alone and close the door. Beat the pillow, stand in front of a mirror and scream, say what you would never say, but you wanted to say that. But it must be only in your privacy, nobody else may be present, otherwise the vicious cycle will continue. In this manner, in this moment, when you feel any negative emotion to someone, it’s not the fault of that person. It is not necessary to drain anger on someone else. Anger means that something inside you needs immediate action, release, deliverance. So gor for a run or do some other physical activity, workout, gardening, go to the bathroom or for a long walk, do whatever, and you will feel,  that you are relaxed, free from the burden. . Once you get through this, you will never have to release anger to the other person.

 The World After Quantum Transition – important discovery has significant influence on our mind, bioenergy, health and life in general

Valentina Mironova, biophysics, worked in the Cosmic Center 20 years – specialization – closed discoveries.

Theme  of the year 2014 – the world after the quantum transition. Everyone still remembers expectations in 2012, fear of unknown, catastrophes. The change realized, but not in the way and place, as we expected. Quantum transition came true, the particles from one energy level moved to a different energy level, so be aware that we are on another planet, and therefore all laws begin to operate another way. Our laws – that is the world of the past.

Hydrogen changed, the energy spectrum of hydrogen changed. This spectrum has the ultrared color, no infrared and is much deeper. This spectrum is for us leading and all this has on all of us significant influence. Came time when everything will be managed by the minds.

But we have not came yet in such a good concentration of mind and awareness of ourselves and our abilities. What has changed, is our nervous system, and some glands, our immunity, which is now monitoring our every thought, and that is why it is so important – to know how to think. Think before you think. Come true everything and immediately. There is no time to sit and think what will happen. Now is important to be and live right here and right now, in the present.

Before we all were responsible for our actions, but now we will learn to be responsible, even for our thoughts. It is necessary to evolve deep feelings. The Universe begins to create different events that help come true our wishes (regardless of whether they are positive or negative). Everything is going on with our mind.

Now is coming the time when we must think not just before we say something, but even before we begin to think because everything is immediately implemented. That no one does for us, we do it.

Those of us who chose the spiritual evolution, will think before starts thinking. Initially, however, we will “step on a rake,” as we will gain experience.

The time has changed, the energy has changed, our perception has changed and we are becoming multidimensional beings, which was originally intention of God.

Now reveals many discoveries about our mind for example relation between depression and osteoporosis – a person suffers from depression, bones are more soften. Characteristic for this new period is, that we can make medications for ourselves, or what we need.

For example fill water into a glass, or holy water or ionized (does not matter), and write on paper – that is my remedy for depression, I am healing soon. The paper put under a glass with water, and leave at the head part of bed. Everything should be done with humor. In the morning when you wake up, drink the water. Water changes its structure – but everything depends on the depth of our knowledge and belief. So you can charge the water in this way on any health problem.

Secret of mind

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People are used to perceive everything  superficially, and now it is difficult to change their perception. Moreover people do not have idea, that in their minds are hidden undreamed possibilities which nothing else can offer. It offers to us think positively and to set free ourselves from the past, which left traces as an emotional traumas and hard memories etc. But how to do it? Positive thinking is often not enough to get rid of that waste (of all traumas and negatives) that we have cumulated over many years of our life and which it is devastating our body and soul. Power of mind is real,  in a positive way but also in the negative and we have to use mind in a positive way. Mind is almighty, but to understand what does that mean – almightiness of mind, we must know how our mind works,  what material our mind uses and how that affects others parts, when mind gradually coming down to the matter – physical world.

Many people, especially, spiritually oriented know that thought is powerful and can help to potentially become reality. We are all part of Universe and we all are connected and thus single thoughts can effect others.  Many of us never think about the question if our planes and projects are in harmony with God’s intention, on which we are concentrated and we stubbornly try to achieve them. We should also know that thought is not for the conquest of money, getting women or men to obtain all the possible benefits that many of us think that we are missing in our lives.   Thought should always be directed to the selfless goodness for all of us to achieve our common happiness and the realization of God’s intention here on Earth.

So mind – thought is power and energy but also the invisible matter – we can not see our thoughts and that works far from the physical level, more than see, hear and touch, etc.

To be clear, you should know that when someone says that thoughts realize, that is absolute truth, you just need to understand how they realize. When the spirit acts on the mind and thoughts, the mind primarily acts on emotion and emotion on the physical body, forcing the body to react, run, gesturing etc. Then the physical body begins to act under the influence of emotions. Emotions wake up with the thoughts and the thoughts born with acting of spirit. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

This information from Aivanhov we mentioned, because everyone thinks many times a day – the first planning through thoughts, then you must know how to realize thoughts in the physical, material world.

Next time we will deal with the question of Power of mind.