About us

About us

We’ll help you solve everyday’s life problems, relationship issues, issues with children, with work and finance, business and also health. We offer the help of bioenergetists, astrologist and a masseuse. You will get a full care of all – body, soul and spirit, which will lead you into a state of harmony.


By the original profession I am a nurse, I have many years experience as a registered nurse and ward leading nurse at the Military hospital with proper postgraduate diploma of college. Demanding and responsible nurse profession woke my interest in a hidden and mysterious questions about human existence. I have started reading spiritual, esoteric books, in 1994 I passed through seminar Golden mind, which included  firewalking. Since 1997 I have began to get to the secrets of astrology.  Since 2006 I have been working separately, provide astrological counselling, I also use runes and sabian symbols which are closely associated to astrology and can be also used in quick counseling type  question – answer. This method can be used for those who do not know  time of birth, but for other too. I have also learned about holistic healing methods from my spiritual teacher and friend Tatyana (since 2001). I am very grateful for her help and teaching. That is why we have got together and we want  to do our best for all of us with our knowledges, skills and experiences. We want to help to make better our lives on planet Earth for all of us.

In 2008 I have started to expand my knowledges – I graduated at massage school several massage courses in Czech Republic – Magic hot stones – hot stone massagemoxibustion and 2010 massage course for sport and recondition massages, in 2012in Hawaii I completed two more courses – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage 1 and Ayurvedic massage.

I can do also honey detox massage ( I was trained by Ukrainian healer) and foot reflexology. In 2015 I have completed and received certificates for Breuss massage, Chocolate massage, Facial hot stones massage and Indian head antistress massage at the international massage school Dexter Academy.

Since 2012 I have lived in Canada.  Currently, I have been living in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.  From 2018 to 2019 I studied at Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapists and after graduation and successfully passing licensing exams I received the Certificate of Registration. In November 2019, I have started my new career as a registered massage therapist (RMT). Currently I work at a Chiropractic clinic in Pickering. For massage therapy treatment you can use benefits of your extended health plan. At the clinic we also provide direct billing to most insurance companies.

My hobbies include healthy cooking and baking, especially gluten free, I am also interested in herbal medicine – I make herbal teas, tinctures and ointments for my own use. In my free time I play piano, I enjoy bike rides, birdwatching and I really love hiking especially on mountains – worth it to invest effort and climb closer to the top of the glaciers with amazing azure – blue lakes, enjoy that untouched peaceful spectacular nature beauty and be part of that beauty. I also do qi gong and yoga.

„I can understand very well to your problems, concerns, fears, sorrows, and how you feel.“

My motto is – what does not kill me, makes me stronger.

I am here for you, and together we will find a solution and a way out of difficult situations, I would love to give you advice, support and courage. Thanks to a thorough medical education and many years of experience I have  good knowledge of the human body. I have sensitive hands, I can feel the problem areas and also I can do deep tissue massage.

Tatyana and Vladimir

Couple Tatyana and Vladimir have been working at bioenergy since 1991. Both have university degrese. Tatyana in psychology and pedagogy, Vladimir in physics.

Tatyana is national healer of Ukraine, she has finished many bioenergy courses, has diplomas, and she has got positive evaluation from experienced practicing physicians and specialists while approbation. Results of expertise – she has diagnostic and healing skills and abilities. For control she uses bio-locational method (pendulum, divining rod – virgule). She uses resonance method of diagnosis and special diagnosis (varios energetic anomalies – curse, black magic, etc.)

Our healing is based on spiritual healing.

Vladimir – is Docent and Candidate of Technical Sciences has experience in area energetic informatics advice in person and at a any distance as well. Application area – production, family and personal relationship, reveal hidden opportunities and abilities, selection of the best options in difficult situations.