What is a horoscope

What is a horoscope

Each person is unique, is original. Its life is determined by various factors: heredity, life conditions – the social environment, culture, as well as the Universe – horoscope, also the memory of previous incarnations – karma –the law of cause and consequence (on earth we  born again and again and from past lives we bring to the current  live the unsolved issues, our positives our shortcomings, weaknesses and again we get into the situations that constrain us to improve our shortcomings, correct what we have done wrong, or have not done when we should have, but we also have the opportunity to receive reward, use the positives, that we have accumulated by our good deeds, with our effort and  we have deserved) and, of course, all is managed by God, God’s will or if you like – Force majeure.

Astrology helps to people reveal better values. Utilize and learn from the negative features that we all have, without any exception. Transform – change the negative, destructive energy into creative energy, building up something positive. Also, know in advance the negative and positive periods and prepare for them, then we do not miss them and appropriate opportunities and possibilities can be used, or to protect somehow against the effects of negative aspects.

At people astrologers provoke various conflicting feelings from respect, through fear to hostility or mistrust. This is an art, to gaze into the future, to get information from the horoskope and requires from the astrologer intelligence, wisdom, courage, knowledges, and one of the most important values – a strong intuition.


There are different types of astrology. I am focused more on a psychological basis, when I try to compel client to think about itselfe, start to work – improve on itselfe. Everything is focused more psychologically. Important is also the contact with the klient, the possibility to discuss everything, to answer the questions focus on the problematic area. While I work on horoskope, I use also Sabian symbols, which is something like a live book of wisdom. Anytime you return to the chart, there is always something new, you discover, something you have not seen before or have not paid attention on this and what can help you at the certain moment.


At our birth  begin our specific journey with a certain goal or program on the planet Earth. We pass through infancy to childhood, school years, youth, adult and old age. On this journey we meet many people, life situations, possibilities, lessons and wiles. Ideally, if we are equipped with a strong spiritual faith and we are also able to handle with any adverse moments and be grateful for sent down the happy moments. But these people are not too many. Usually people, especially at a young age, are looking for answers to many questions separately. And if in their lifes happen an unfortunate events or inconveniences, then  they ask why that happened to them and why. In many cases, astrology gives support, explains  difficult conditions and just the prediction of beneficial periods, as well as dangerous situations or periods gives an opportunity to orient correctly, be prepared and protected. That is, what I can offer to you

Who is looking for a way to improve  itselfe for self-knowledge, to improve live, destiny or seeks help in a hard or problematic situation, then horoscope analysis and analysis of the situation is a good way towards harmony..

If you know the possibilities of astrology and you want to use it in your life, it is better to visit  an astrologer earlier, like for example a lawyer before you decide to do something, or something to implement. That gives you the opportunity to assess your psychological possibilities to determine the appropriate period for any beginnings, clarifying relationships with partners both in life as well as business partners or childrens. These informations are therefore very useful, because you can be saved of many inconveniences and also saves your time.