About massage

About massage

Touch is the fifth sense. We often underestimate the touch. Did you know, that skin is the main and largest organ of touch? Two square centimeters of skin contains more than 3 million cells. Massage for many centuries has been bringing benefits to people, improves health, positive mood and well being.

In fact, massage is one of the ways recovering health at physical level, along with sport, physical activity and healthy eating.

Massage as a method of treatment and prevention of various disorders is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps keep the body and spirit in good shape, relieves pain, relaxes stiff muscles, and strengthens the immune system.

Massage effects on mental and emotional condition

Dynamic, rushing lifestyle and environmental influences may have a negative impact on our bodies, often causing stress, fatigue.

One of the ways to positively influence mental and emotional status is massage.

The need for touch is instinctive, appears already in the embryo phase, and does not disappear during the entire human lifetime. Babies enjoy physical contact with their parents, because touch gives them a feeling of care and safety. Therefore, during massage we feel calmed.

For people who are stressed or intellectually working a head massage is helpful. 30 minutes is enough. This type of massage improves brain activity due to better circulation in the head,  clear thinking, irritability disappears and the lightness throughout the body increases. And brings deep relaxation, peace.