Breuss massage

Breuss massage

a special, energetic and very gentle massage of the spine

Brings an immediate feeling of relief, relaxation, with regular using helps with healing of lumbar and sacral intervertebral discs of the spine

Breuss massage developed Austrian healer Rudolf Breuss. This is a very gentle, sensitive, safe, energy massage of back and spine, which greatly relieves physical and mental blockages. Breuss massage significantly regenerates and nourishes the intervertebral discs and this is the key to many problems especially in the area of ​​lower back and sacral area. According to Rudolf Breuss there are only degenerated discs and they can restore and regenerate throuhg regular massages. Special massage technique can help to move back the discs using St. John’s wort oil. Intervertebral discs swell and release the nerves of the spinal area which are based of the whole body. This massage is also treating important acupressure points that are placed along the spine on the bladder meridian. So except releasing the spine and eliminate back pain, may also solve various other blockages.


When this massage is forbidden:

  • Oncological diseases
  • Inflammatory Disease
  • Bechterev disease
  • intoxication
  • 1.trimestr pregnancy
  • Epilepsy