Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage

is the queen of relaxing massages

Chocolate massage is a real temptation for all lovers of the wonderful chocolate aroma. Chocolate does not have just wonderful taste but also excellent relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Chocolate brings to skin large amounts of vitamins, minerals (for example calcium and magnesium), antioxidants and coenzymes (rids body of harmful free oxygen radicals and thereby has positive effect on the cardiovascular system and anti-aging effect).
Great against cellulite, tones and moisturizes your skin.
In addition to smoother and younger looking skin you can take away after massage an excellent mood because chocolate promotes the formation the hormone of happiness, and you can achieve amazing release. Let you forget the stress of the current day and relaxes your body and mind. Helps relax muscles and relieve pain (headache, back, tired joints). Activate the metabolism and counteract water retention as a swelling and that is why detoxify body and thanks increase metabolism can help with weight loss and body forming.

Chocolate pleasantly relieve the stress, is great as an anti-depressant and brings a feeling of total comfort and happiness. Chocolate massage helps to boost energy as well.
I use only raw or organic products.


  • Infectious acute diseases eg. flu, tonsillitis, etc.
  • Pregnancy – because of high detoxify effect
  • Skin problems
  • Unstabilized high or low blood pressure
  • Allergy to any component – cocoa, coconut oil, body scrub – coffee or cane sugar
  • Oncological diseases