Honey massage

Honey massage

Brings effective detoxification, strong blood circulation, absorption of necessary minerals and vitamins

Honey as is known contains a huge amount of vitamins and microelements which are necessary for human. Furthermore, honey is rich in energy. Can be said that honey is a concentrated solar energy, because the bees collect honey only on the sunny side of flowers and the actual form of honeycomb creates hexagon – which is necessary especially for energy conservation (pure raw honey, we can store for years). So this sun energy is concentrated in the honey is wonderfully absorbed in our body.

Honey by its composition is very similar to the composition of human blood plasma, that means it is physiological and thus is absorbed almost immediately.

Natural vitamins contained in honey are very active in the human body, unlike synthetic vitamins because are better absorbed, and moreover there is no overdose risk.

Thanks to a special massage technice, is honey very quickly absorbed into the skin and all the bioactive components of honey easily gets into the blood and and are involved into metabolism.

The therapeutic method of the honey massage comes from ancient Tibet, was also known in South Asia, India and ancient Russia. As regards of the therapeutic effect, honey massage is considered as one of the most effective of all kinds massages. Honey massage acts the reflex zones on the back. It’s an amazing combination of honeytherapeutic effect and massage. Outstanding way eliminates fatigue and fills lightness, freshness and adds even feeling like flying. Very effectively removes stress and depression.

The goal is cleaning energy meridians, help with pain and spine diseases, various problems with joints, supplies energetic nutrition to physical organs and the biofield around body. The healing power of honey in combination with special massage technique sucks old sediments and toxic chemicals seated deep around the spine, which with massage gets up to the surface of the skin, including pollutants from amalgam fillings in your teeth. Vitalizing, relaxing back muscles, strongly supply blood to the skin and acts the whole body. is suitable for chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue, digestive disorders, kidney problems, stress, colds, sinusitis, headaches, gynecological problems, degenerative diseases of joints and spine. Honey massage restores the body’s natural detoxification ability. And not least, acting on cellulite.

One-time massage regenerates back and neck and supply energy.

Detoxification treatment performs in the range of 10 to 15 applications at least once a week, then 1x per month as maintenance


  • allergy to honey