Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage

very deep relaxation, soothing, eliminating stress, warming the body, balancing energy, detoxification

Cleansing and harmonizing effect of hot stone massage has been known for many millennias. The ancient method of treatment using hot stones allows to achieve physical and spiritual balance. The combination of different massage techniques and hot stones induces deep relaxation of whole body, stimulates the inflow of positive energy and creates harmony and peace.

The lava stones contain all five elements – fire, water, metal, wood and earth, so they have a very positive qualities. The structure lava stones cool down slowly, and therefore they can generously endow humans with warmth and strong positive energy. In this massage I use stones and combined arms with and without stones.

Relaxing massage with hot stones guarantees countless variants of positive impact on all levels – physical and emotional, stimulates the immune system, improves blood microcirculation, improves metabolism, removes blocks, harmonizes positive energy flow. I use stones, which are made of genuine got cold lava. These stones contain a huge amount of useful micro and macro elements and among other things, magnesium and iron. They have ability to keep warmth for a long time.

Hot stones eliminate chronic back and neck pain, helping muscles to relax and get rid of the old established toxins and pollutants. Relieve stress and increased tension.

Hot stone massage has a surprising recovering and relaxing effect.

The longer it is acting hot stone influence, heat penetrates more deeply into the muscle tissue. Heat can penetrate to a depth of 4 cm. Locally is possible to observe an increase in blood pressure in the capillaries, causing the outflow of blood in areas where is blocked. Metabolism is accelerates by 10-15%.

Using of hot stones have a positive effect on human organism due to the effect of stimulation and detoxification, improving microcirculation due to oxygen enrichment and that is related to increase metabolic activity of cells, resulting in is clearing away acumulated pollutants from blood and lymph.


  • pregnancy
  • any skin problems, where heat can make worse
  • any other conditions where massage is forbidden