acting on specific health problems,supply energy, warmth, remove blocks in the meridians, strengthens, removes fatigue

It is also an ancient method of treatment from the East, is a part of Chinese medicine, restores health and prolongs life. It is simple, avalaible and very effective.

Moxa means “plant that burns”. Mainly consists of wormwood.

Why wormwood?

Wormwood has the largest therapeutic effect, during burning the temperature reaches 550 degrees of Celsius and as well during burning emits infrared radiation. It was proven and tested many times over the centuries.
Burning moxa emits warmth through which acts on the acupuncture points or whole body. In this way activates acupuncture points, regulates blood circulation, energy flow in the body and runs deep warming and cells renewal. So exploites the warmth of burning wormwood which is modified into cigar, which at a certain distance from the skin warms, soothes and relieves problematic spots and blocks on the back, joints and acupuncture points. The warmth penetrates sufficiently deep into the body, supplies energy restores balance of energy flow, supportes circulation and eliminates cold and pain out of body. That has a strong tonizing effect on body is very effective in problems with joints, spine, spine pain and even painful sciatic nerve.


  • eliminates fatigue
  • helps fight against chronic diseases
  • supports and strengthens weakened immune system – using preventively and therapeutically as well
  • fatigue syndrome, colds, joints and rheumatic problems,
  • prolapsed discs, sciatica, digestive problems,
  • problems with the respiratory tract,
  • gynecological problems including painful period,
  • in general problems with urinary genital tract – including kidney problems,
  • sensitivity to cold, or its poor tolerability,
  • to supplement warmth
  • depression, melancholy moods,
  • insomnia
  • helps the body’s ability to heal itself
  • is able to slow the aging process


  • any acute illness
  • fever
  • high blood pressure
  • hyperfunction of thyroid gland
  • some skin diseases