Classic massage

loosening stiff muscles, relaxation

Klasická masáž

It is used for the treatment of already existing problems and also for prevention. The spectrum of ills is very extensive. This includes swelling and pain, joint problems, muscle mechanism, spine, back, also for the regeneration of the affected tissues. Classical massage has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, therefore it has a stimulating and restorative effect on the body.


Massage is used as a curative-preventive, removes stress and fatigue, exhaustion, improves health and restores the original capabilities and functions.

Classic massage is an excellent way to improve health, relaxation of the body, improving the overall level functions of body, disease prevention. Body massage is also recommended at high physical and mental strain, regeneration after injury. Thanks to massage improves blood circulation and oxygen supply and nutrients to tissues. Massage assists to elimination of waste products, toxins, lipids cleavage, reduction of cellulite and the skin becomes elastic.

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