What is bioenergy

What is bioenergy

Our all life – that is flow of energy. Walk, heart beating, feelings, thinking, talking, work – for everything we need energy. Energy condition of human is directly reflected in behavior.

Our health – this is healthy energetics. It consist of several flows – coming from the grand (negative charge), coming from Universe (positive charge) and from energy generated functions of cells, organs, organ systems and makes individual and unique energy- information structure around the body – called biofield which has a specific form – like chicken egg, coloring and definite density.

Structure of biofield works not only like our protection, but in its way is a battery that constantly recharges our body energy and restores it.

Biofield manages all biological processes and is the holder of consciousness and soul – the subconscious and connects all the world into the only one whole. All negative feelings affect our biofield and is the cause of any illness on physical level.

Even for pragmatists and materialists it is not difficult to make certain about the existence of bioenergy. Each of us can feel the warmth of another person and that means – feel its infrared spectrum biofield. In academic medicine, this spectrum is measured through thermodiagnostics in natural medicine – through hands of a healer.

Measurer of electromagnetic activity – it is for example electrocardiograph (writes down heart activity) and encephalographic (writes down brain activity). But if electric flow exists, that means, there is the magnetic field. This field is part of the aura (something like a energy suit, edge of biofield). It’s just so delicate that it can not be measured through medical devices.

What is composed of bioenergy of everyone

From the ongoing biochemical reactions in the body, from food, air, from congenital genetic informations obtained from parents and from the emotional, aesthetic influences that are related to our relationships with other people, from listening to music, presence at sport events, visits of picture galleries, books reading. All this forms the energy of each of us.

From the ongoing biochemical reactions in the body performs a major role mitochondria of cells that produce the main energy “drive”. Energy has not only living organisms but also plants. Their energy is measured in calories and is used by both humans and animals in the food.

With the bioenergy—without no one can exist—can make wonders.