What can I offer to you as astrologer, what information give you a horoscope?

With the necessary informations, such as date, time and place of birth, I can assemble these  types of Horoscopes:

Natal horoscope

Contains information about a human personality, its talents, ability, material resources, the ability to establish contacts, on its surroundings, family, parents, children, loved ones, about, health, ability to work,  fulfill obligations, possibility of inheritance or sharing of money, for example, with husband/wife. Furthermore,about the ability to have and maintain a relationship, about education, profession,, career opportunities,  finances. What skills help maintain friendly relations and also are available ainformations about karma or past lives and relationships.

„All these informations will help you to orientate in this stormy and complicated world, where everything is changing quickly and it is necessary to make decisions, sometimes without the option to take time and think well.“

Natal horoscope is something like photo from the time of birth that stays with you throughout your life., It’s unique and unrepeatable position of the planets at the moment of your birth and tells you what kind of surprises destiny prepared for you, what was given to you, what are your aptitudes, talents, abilities that you can use., You can objectively look at your personality, understand to your worries relating to childhood and parents, reveals the source of the problems, suggests possible solutions. Help you to find your way to full – fledged life. Reveal your mental, emotional and charakter foundation, creation, your shortcomings, seamy sides and give you advice how to deal with that.

Child’s horoscope

Offers the opportunity understand better to your child, help you to get into its way of understanding the world, parents, show child needs, possibilities, talents, education, professional specialization. Indicate the optimal way of upbringing, call attention to the risky spheres.

Horoscope of partnership

Is created by overlaying of two horoscopes – two people in relationship, give a chance to understand the differences between two partners, how you see your partner what you expect, what attract you, sexual habits, needs both of you, common activities, kids, relationships with family, conflict spheres, how your relationship works,  help search mutual points on which you can build relationship, the possibility of conflict solutions, how to improve relationships. That give you an opportunity understand better to each other, recognize weaknesses in a relationship, you know what you can expect from each other. You can use better time together, to agree on raising children.

Solar horoscopes  – for one year

Compiled from your birthday in a certain year to a birthday in next following year – helping in detail analyse the prognosis for a certain year than is for example in a natal horoscope. Solar horoscope is calculated from the time when the Sun reaches the same position as it was in the time of the birth, taking into account the geographical position – where is a person at a certain time and is not where the person was at the time of birth. Solar horoscope helps identify important events in a certain year, reveals a tendencies  what to concentrate on, what can use, what is better delay,  what steps take. Development cycles. Analysis of the solar horoscope help to plan effectively, take advantage of the opportunities which this year can bring and avoid inconveniences, or at least try to minimize them. Solar horoscope therefore can be a great and useful gift for your birthday or Christmas.

Transits of planets 

From the current position of the planets on the sky, it is possible to read what influences at the certain time, how they affect your life, your personality, behavior, mood, your employment, health, relationships. They can identify potential risks, but also opportunities.

Sabian symbols

Sabian symbols were sent to us from a source which for millenniums holds the key to some of the greatest mysteries and the mystery of life on this planet.

Sabian symbols are not fortune-teller and do not give simple answers like yes / no, which we often expect, without trying to understand the cause and depth of the problems and situations into which we have got. Lead us to understand what led to formation the problem, while the causes can be often unknown and hidden, and just thanks to this they help you to find the best way to figure out the problem.
They operate at a higher level of vibration energy, thus providing a true and deep information. Make available take a look into our destiny and future, and find answers for our questions and problems of daily life. They show us that we are never truly alone, that we always have a connection with the omniscient and compassionate spiritual reality, therefore, that in the invisible world is someone who is always ready to help us if we allow that and ask for help.

Help you to find the best solution and find a steady place on the difficult way of life.

Sabian symbols – predict the future, decipher the presence, reveal the past.

360 symbols determine where you are, advise the direction,which you should go, offer new direction, will provide overall leadership and in regular intervals at key moments, developments of the situation make clear the problems in any relationships, give surprisingly deep insight into the matters, problems, situations. Sabian symbols you can ask for anything.


Were used in ancient Scandinavia, they have ability to accompany and serve us on the way to recovery. They give us wisdom and love in making decision and solving. They are ancient Celtic symbols, which represent secret forces of the Universe and are therefore able to give us advice and help in all aspects of life.