Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Bioenergetic informational counselling and bioenergy healing

What is bioenergy healing

Bioenergy healing – is an individual work with energy bodies and the effect on human biofield.
Treatment of the physical diseases, the etheric body healing, emotional body harmonizing, the mental body correction, removal of magical effects.
Diagnosis of mental and emotional status based on the analysis of the aura, and status of the energy centers and the biofield.
How does it all work?

From the laws of physics is known, that around the body of each human being forms biofield, which normally has an ovoid form. The same is around the healer (extrasense) Arms and hands we can compare to antenna, so arms and hands thus can transmit and recieve signals, that means, it is possible to help and diagnose with them. Legs have the same ability.

Bioenergy of healers can help to theirselves and others not only in person, but also at any distance. Because distance and time in Universe does not play any role. Flow of bioenergy also helps restore energy balance in the body and thus can also heal.

This kind of help is very effective, because treats completely and not just diseased organs or individual symptoms.

And what is most important, it is possible to find the cause of problems or disease, disorder and therefore has an direct effect on the cause and even remove this cause. Moreover they can detect oncoming disease, which is not manifested yet in the physical body and we therefore do not have and do not feel any obvious physical symptoms. Each disease is started in the energy field – biofield around body and is a matter of time, when it is gonna break out clearly in physical body.

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List of bioenergy service

They work at a distance as well, that does not have any role

What we can help you with

  • quitting smoking and the other addictions
  • Diagnosis and causes of diseases or problem
  • Diagnosis of pathogenic zones at home and work on it (at a distance as well)
  • Diagnosis and removal causes of negative influences from the other people – as the curse, black magic and the others…
  • Interfility and pregnancy problems
  • Kidney and gall stones
  • Diet, herbs, adjustment of lifestyle
  • Help with destiny and karma problems
  • Prediction of nature disasters
  • Assistance in hard life situations, analysis of situation, causes, ways to improve or solve (relationship, children, work, business, finance, investment etc.)
  • Service for employers – help with the selection of new, appropriate staff, investment etc.

Important part of our work is help through influence on acupuncture points on meridians needles free – which is great solution for those, who do not like needles.

These new methods have been developed in research laboratories, where works the best orthodox doctors and healers. These programs can help you to improve the material situation, help with your career, rejuvenation of body, remove fear, universal protection or protecion against specific danger. Will help you figure out difficult and important life situations which can get you back to harmony, happiness, better conditions, better and more valuable life and also handle daily life and requirements of present time.

We can help you live your better life.

Types of programs – to improve the material, financial situation, assist in the implementation of career, handle driving a car, rejuvenate the body, and universal protection against specific hazards, help with addictions, and others..

Bioenergetic course 

Why bioenergetic course?

Human is actually  bio-energetic system and in basis of human activity is the harmonic functioning of the bioenergy system, thus itself. Therefore health depends on the ability to properly manage the bio-energetic system.

How to achieve that?

Methods and ways of bioenergy managing lie in the correct movements,  exercises, breathing, imagination and thinking as well the expansion of consciousness …

So, achieving of harmony and proper functioning of energy in the human body, consists in combination of factors mentioned above.

But the most important is achieve results which also affects the individuality of human as an age, health status, level of worldview.

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Our course is the way to health and knowledges and also the opportunity to step to the higher evolutionary level.

The first meeting may be collective. The following (according to everybody) individual.

Subjects on individual meetings.

Breathing exercises (static and dynamic)

Learning to breathe properly. Full and superficial breathing, forward and backward. Body breathing.

Getting rid of negative feelings, thoughts, emotions

Healthy eating, individual selection of appropriate diets and individual selection of methods for cleansing the body.

Water and work with water

Thought forms (individual selection of affirmation and code words)

Pathogenic zones, methods of neutralization, diagnosis of chakras biofield (energy field). Methods energy cleansing in the room.

Learning to use charts with a pendulum, practical training in diagnosis with a divining rod.

Utilities – divining rods, pendulums, charts you get on the  course.

Who is eligible for course

The course is eligible for those who want to change and improve own life, to live life in harmony with the universe and nature. It is also eligible for those who works with the human body and energy – massage therapists, physiotherapists, homeopaths, beauticians etc. And finally, who wants to help themselves and their loved ones.

To obtain knowledges is better from someone who has already passed through this and has also experience in this field.