Gives you immediate refreshing of your tired feet, support functions all your body and relaxation

On foot, there are many points which relate to the organs of our body (on foot are around 70 thousand nerve endings), therefore foot massage is useful not just for the feet, but the overall condition and feeling good. The foot is highly reflective zone that is associated with inner organs.
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Breuss massage

a special, energetic and very gentle massage of the spine

Brings an immediate feeling of relief, relaxation, with regular using helps with healing of lumbar and sacral intervertebral discs of the spine

Breuss massage developed Austrian healer Rudolf Breuss. This is a very gentle, sensitive, safe, energy massage of back and spine, which greatly relieves physical and mental blockages. Breuss massage significantly regenerates and nourishes the intervertebral discs and this is the key to many problems especially in the area of lower back and sacral area.
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Honey massage

Brings effective detoxification, strong blood circulation, absorption of necessary minerals and vitamins

Honey as is known contains a huge amount of vitamins and microelements which are necessary for human. Furthermore, honey is rich in energy. Can be said that honey is a concentrated solar energy, because the bees collect honey only on the sunny side of flowers and the actual form of honeycomb creates hexagon – which is necessary especially for energy conservation (pure raw honey, we can store for years).
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Chocolate massage

is the queen of relaxing massages

Chocolate massage is a real temptation for all lovers of the wonderful chocolate aroma. Chocolate does not have just wonderful taste but also excellent relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Chocolate brings to skin large amounts of vitamins, minerals (for example calcium and magnesium), antioxidants and coenzymes (rids body of harmful free oxygen radicals and thereby has positive effect on the cardiovascular system and anti-aging effect).
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Indian head massage plus anti-stress massage of the shoulders and neck

The immediate effect of this massage is deep relaxation and pain relief

The benefit of this massage is being performed dry without oil through clothing and can be done almost anywhere.
Indian head massage significantly soothes and relaxes, release stiffness of the muscles and helps lymph flow. Can relieve various pains – through headaches, problems with the jaws, to the neck or shoulder pain.
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Hot stone massage

very deep relaxation, soothing, eliminating stress, warming the body, balancing energy, detoxification

Cleansing and harmonizing effect of hot stone massage has been known for many millennias. The ancient method of treatment using hot stones allows to achieve physical and spiritual balance. The combination of different massage techniques and hot stones induces deep relaxation of whole body, stimulates the inflow of positive energy and creates harmony and peace.
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acting on specific health problems,supply energy, warmtn, remove blocks in the meridians, strengthens, removes fatigue

It is also an ancient method of treatment from the East, is a part of Chinese medicine, restores health and prolongs life. It is simple, avalaible and very effective. Wormwood has the largest therapeutic effect, during burning the temperature reaches 550 degrees of Celsius and as well during burning emits infrared radiation. It was proven and tested many times over the centuries.
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Classic massage

loosening stiff muscles, relaxation

It is used for the treatment of already existing problems and also for prevention. The spectrum of ills is very extensive. This includes swelling and pain, joint problems, muscle mechanism, spine, back, also for the regeneration of the affected tissues.
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About massage

Touch is the fifth sense. Touch we often underestimate and skin is the main and largest organ of touch. Two square centimeters of skin contains more than 3 million cells. Massage for many centuries brings benefits to people, strengthens health, raising living tone, strengthens muscles and makes the skin soft and elastic. Prolongs youth, adds flourishing appearance and guarantees a positive mood and an overall good feeling.

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Effects of massage

Our lifestyle and our work – especially in the office – often does not need nor does not allow big muscle strain. Along with the lack of fresh air, lack of ecologically pure products and a lack of sunshine, all this leads to disruption harmonic work of our body. Ongoing concerns and stress lead to raising of harmful substances and toxins in the body. The best, easiest and natural way how to get rid of these problems, it is just a massage.

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Health notes

At least 1.5 hours before massage, do not eat a heavy meal, on the other hand, do not go on massage with an empty stomach. Také for example a light salad, fruit, muesli. Before the massage take off glasses, watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets, tie up long hair. In your own interest give truthful information about your health.

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