Gives you immediate refreshing of your tired feet, support functions all your body and relaxation

Masaáž chodidla

On foot, there are many points which relate to the organs of our body (on foot are around 70 thousand nerve endings), therefore foot massage is useful not just for the feet, but the overall condition and feeling good. The foot is highly reflective zone that is associated with inner organs.

That improves blood circulation, skin nutrition, disappearing fatigue. The foot is highly reflective zone which is associated with inner organs. Foot massage allows you to activate the protective function of the organism. Effect occurs already after the first massage. In Ayurveda – the ancient eastern Indian´s medical treatise is said – if you give feet massage to your partner before bedtime, improves not only health, but also the attraction of both partners.

Essentiality of reflexology consists in the fact that specific parts of the foot massage called reflex zones causes a reaction associated with them in the organs and systems and this leads to heal, relief or eliminate or relieve pain.

Essentiality of the action are nerve´s reflexes. By pressing the reflex zones at some point receptors starts to send impulses to the central nervous system. Nervous system processes that and sends signals to internal organs, which correspond to a given area on foot. Begining the process of control functions of these organs. The signals are also transmitted to the nerve fibers which control locomotor and muscle system, what gives the possibility to relax muscles.

Pain is normal, but anyway,in case of pain tell me that – I can regulate the pressure.

The causes of pain can be different. Often there is a projection of unhealthy organs, but it is not the rule. During all life, the feet record information about everything what is going on in the body like on the plane records all history of flight. In the feet are therefore informations about diseases, traumas, surgeries and even emotional crises. Everything we experienced, we went through. Those information are stored in certain parts of the body and because the feet are a projection of all organs and systems, they are actually very valuable information bank. So on parts which correspond to sick organs, you can feel the pain, but also the cause of the pain can be various traumas, injuries or damages of the foot and as well alcohol, drugs and some medications. Pain also occurs during muscle spasms. Foot may also be sensitive, which means, that in the body is accumulated too much stress or we sleep badly, eat junk foods or experiencing healing after an illness or surgery. Then the foot is very sensitive.

After massage you can usually feel deep relaxation and increase of strength. You should drink more fluids to help in body detoxification – cleansing the body.


For all who want to do something for own health. It is not just the effective method of treatment, but also a powerful shield against diseases. Stimulation of reflective zones are activated granulocytes and phagocytes, which destroy harmful microorganisms. Also are activated the adrenal glands, which is awakening the central nervous system, accelerating blood circulation and metabolism. All that mobilizes internal organism energy and are active against attacks from external environment.


  • in case of feet injuries, traumas or physical damages
  • in case of thrombs – blood clots in the veins in feet